Vegan Frozen Yogurt Granola Pops

*this made 4 pops!*

in a bowl mix together:

– 1 single serve container (5.3 oz) dairy-free yogurt of choice (i used @kitehill plain greek)
– -3 tbsp honey
– 1 heaping tbsp cashew butter (i used @georgiagrinders, code HEALTHFULRADIANCE saves you money)!

once that’s well combined, place to the side. add a handful of your favorite granola to the bottom of each sleeve of the popsicle mold. then pour the yogurt mix over each until filled to the top. stick the popsicle stick in, put the lid on the mold (mine has a lid, not sure if all molds do)! place in the freezer to set for at least 2 hours, preferably overnight. enjoy straight from the freezer!