The Little Things: Your Recovery Wins

A few nights ago I shared an Instagram post about my little recovery wins, the ones that tend to get overshadowed by the major changes that the process brings. Shortly after I polled my followers, asking their favorite little recovery wins. I shared a handful on stories, but I’m dropping even more here…because they moved me, and they will 100% move you too.

i can sleep through the night”
“finally letting myself eat peanut butter again”
“being able to bake without plugging my nose when pouring the flour/sugar”
“eat a meal my mom cooked”
“waiting until i get to the restaurant to look at the menu and decide what i want”
“the trust i’ve regained from my family members, and them telling me they’re proud of me”
“being able to go to friends parties without being scared that they’ll just offer pizza”
“saying YES to plans on Fridays instead of feeling the need to spend the night at the gym”
“feeling joy after a workout instead of pain/sadness”
“being able to enjoy sunday dinners with my family and not feeling faint from not eating before”
“being able to smile…like a real, genuine smile”
“being able to play lacrosse again”
“smiling and having it be because of real joy! not faking it!”
“finally feeling free in my own body”
“working out to feel good and not to burn off my last meal”
“being able to have the energy to talk to people”
“not having my mom cry when she hugs me”
“being able to sleep in on a sunday morning and have pancakes with my family”
“having your glow back”
“looking in the mirror and feeling love and joy about this “new” body that’s curvier than before”
“food tastes better, mood is happier, feet aren’t falling asleep, everything!!!”
“today my boss took me out for lunch and i was actually EXCITED about it!”
“enjoying spontaneous fro-yo trips with your best friends:)”
eating my moms pancakes on a saturday morning instead of a safe breakfast”
“following through with plans with friends instead of missing out for no good reason”
“how excited my mom gets when i pick treats out at the grocery store”
“eating TWO slices of toast!!”
“being able to say yes when my boyfriend asks me out on a date”
“trying a milkshake for the first time”
“having a snack instead of reaching for gum/mint”

There were so many more, and each one that came into my inbox felt like a win for all of us fighting, working day and night to lead a life going forward that’s better than the one we left behind. Don’t forget to stop and recognizing each little change that recovery has granted you. They tend to go unnoticed, but our big feats are impossible without the foundation they build.

Sending love and light you way, xx